Today I Met Little Feet

Who is Little Feet?” my husband asked as he dropped his drawers to the floor preparing for bed.  Little Feet is a friend of Star’s,” I said, glimpsing up from my magazine in a Carol Brady sort of way.  “Huh,” he said with that ‘I’m puzzled and feel left out’ tone. “She’s never mentioned him before.”

Star is our Collie. Though known to be at the top of the ‘intelligent dogs’ list, Star has not yet mastered the art of talking, so we’re often left in the dark when it comes to her relationships.  Or maybe she’s just aloof, probably both.
Little Feet lives down the street at the drug dealer’s house. Admittedly, we don’t know if they’re “actual” drug dealers – but they seem to have dealing sorts of tendencies:  lots of junk and car parts in the yard, people waiting on the side of their house at odd times of the night, etc. —  thus, we feel pretty comfortable with the moniker. Little Feet was kind of a scruffy, scraggily dog, but had a big smile and a nice spirit.  
Such is the life of a dog’s owner – of course there’s always wine.


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