Honey, is that A Corkscrew in Your Pocket?

Last night, we pulled a 1998 Penfolds Bin 389, and that’s all she wrote (she thought).  This wine cuts to the chase, French kisses you like it means it, and bites down gently as you try to pull away. Choices?  Not many. So surrender to the essence of this mere-mortal juiciness, because your only destination is to go deeper.  Enveloped by layers of licorice spice, a dark, velvet plum dangles in a jammy essence that fills you up. With an all-over balance and placid persistence, it’s intriguing and inspiring.  Huh? (breath inhaled sharply) Do I detect a hint of hesitation? Just a tested tease?  NO, in fact, it’s all part of the intelligent design.  Cleverly astute, it keeps you on the brink of hunger, thirsting for more and testing your resolve.  Tease yes, taunt no.  Good morning, sunshine. 


2 responses to “Honey, is that A Corkscrew in Your Pocket?

  1. DJ is living vicariously for the wine – I’m still releasing the steam from the fine entendre.

  2. Very cool blog! Keep at it so I can live vicariously on the wine front through you.

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