Traveling to Croatia? Drink Beer

This was a bottle we brought back from the island of Korcula in Croatia a few trips ago.  Travel tip for Croatia?  Drink beer.  It’s cheaper then water – which doesn’t say much because water isn’t cheap.  Nothing is.  TORETA Stolno Crno Vino (red table wine) was by far, the best bottle we found for the price, and on a sunny day here in Seattle, we opened it up.  And it wasn’t that happy to see us.  Arms wide open, it was not. In fact, it’s aloofness was palpable in that “What the f@%k do you want?” way.  Concentrated, yes – conviviality, not much.  The wine was staid and slightly suspicious.  I think it had PTSD from the war.  It took it’s time getting to know you, sizing you up and down and turning you inside out.  Eye contact, never.  Yet, it unfolded carefully, one gooseberry at a time – and on ITS time.  But once it did, it showed a little spice – a little rooftop tar, some puckeriNESS.  Its fruit was muted, but its will was strong.   Worth the price of admission, but no freebies along the way.


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