Honey, Where’s Your Pinot?

I’ve got a ball cock in one hand and a lift rod strap in the other. Sounds like someone’s in good hands, right?

Plumbing projects? Not so much. But as we’re getting our house ready to sell (I know, great timing) and are remodeling a bathroom, so a plumbing assistant, I have become. On the occasion I get a beverage break, let me set the strap down (but I’m holding tight to the b-cock) and pick up a portly glass of Willamette Valley Vineyards, 2006 Pinot Noir. 

I happen to be a big fan of pinot and saying to my husband “Honey?  Where’s your pinot” especially when he’s laying face up under the sink wrenching on some pipe. I chuckle, he doesn’t.   Anyway, this wine is bright and juicy. The strawberry is upright and the peppery, pomegranate blends completely with the tartness in the acid.  Cinnamon spice and wet wood comes through on the finish, and I am lovin’ this wine as much as I’m lovin’ twirling this O-ring on my finger. Does an O-ring really twirl?  You bet it does, like a tassel in a burlesque show. Cheers!



3 responses to “Honey, Where’s Your Pinot?

  1. Hey Dan
    Thanks for taking the time to comment. Place, price and a thumbs up or down are great suggestions. I’ll try to incorporate them!

  2. So what’s a ball cock and a lift rod strap? Sounds kinda kinky to me? -inlaw

  3. Would like to see prices for the wines you write about. Also since you are in Seattle, where you
    bought the wine would be a help but not as
    necessary as the prices. Also some kind of rating system would be nice, like a simple
    “I’d buy it again or I wouldn’t”.

    Just one guy’s opinion.


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