Ursa, Ursa, Ursa!!!

Like Ms. Marsha, Baer Winery, Columbia Valley, 2005 Ursa is smooth and even, long legs, great body, a bottle of feminine suppleness.  That is, until you piss her off. Like Marsha, this babe can be cunning and aggressive, which makes me love her even more.  Steal her diary and she’ll press charges. Greg, Peter, Jan – beware, this pretty-one is on the warpath and her claws are extended. Ursa is full of dark fruit – African violet, ripe plum and raspberry, the aroma on this chic hits you straight between the eyes.  “Oooh my nose! Now I’ll never be a teen model.”  It’s a groovy wine to say the least, with woody spice and cassis on silky tannins. No mistakin’ – this wine makes your mouth feel fine.  An odd rapport with mid-sis Jan, turns out both were a little bicurious.  Oh, if only those pinker then pink walls could talk. “Jan, I’m so happy for you.” “Really Ursa?”  “No.” 

I drank it at: The Local Vine, Seattle

Retails: $37

Good gift? Yes, for someone I like a lot


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