As Complex As a Sno-Cone And Delightful

Hold the bells and whistles, Lucien Albrecht, Cremant D’ Alsace Brut Rosé, NV is great bang for the buck!   A simply structured sparkler and a dry thirst quencher, this wine bursts with bits of wild strawberry, some green apple and a touch of lemon drop.  It’s as complex as a sno-cone, but on a scorching hot day, it’s pretty perfect.  All you really want is something cold, crisp and liquid.  Bingo! This wine is all that and a pinch more. Made from100% Pinot Noir (and you know how much I love pinot), flavors are fresh, bubbles are bubbly; what more do you need?   Perfect for that impromptu BBQ, where the music’s blarin’ and your neighbors hate you.  Oh yaaaah! I see you baby, shakin’ that glass, shakin’ that glass. 

I drank it at: On our Deck 

Retails: $15 

Thumbs up? Why not?  For the price, stock up!


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