Toss the Monkey

A video game: You are an Orangutan sitting on a rock.  When a monkey falls out of the tree from above, like a discus, you heave it as far as you can gaining points for the furthest throws. It’s stupidly addictive and you end up drinking too much and closing the bar. 

This, I played on my recent trip to Portland.  I traipsed to my hometown for my 20th high school reunion last weekend, and amidst the festivities ended up at Vendetta in North Portland playing Toss the Monkey.  Lead by the infamous twin star athletes, Bob and Ron, the competition was fierce, the tension palpable.  After hours of “Nice throw” and “Do you kiss your mother with that mouth!” last call passed and we were defeated. 

So what does one pair with such an exciting, adrenaline driving, Toss the Monkey experience? Look global for something that might actually  improve your game. Here are my top five: 

  1. Affentaler Monkey Riesling 2006, Germany, $12.99-14.99
  2. Affentaler Spatburgunder Rotwein Pinot Noir 2005, Germany, $14,99 (pictured)
  3. 2007 Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand, $9.99 (also offers Rose, Chardonnay…)
  4. Red Head Studio Barrel Monkeys Shiraz 2005, Australia, $17,99 – $19.99
  5. Friday Monkey, Australia, $7.99

 *Google for reviews and retailers.

Good luck!


One response to “Toss the Monkey

  1. For the record, the Gray brothers may have got their monkey spanked by their HS buddy Tom, but in typical competitive fashion, they returned to the Monkey Toss top with the 5 highest scores…all this within a 1 hour window (daycare issues) and only 2 beers a piece.

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