Stuck in a Group Photo Forever

What’s the best thing about going to your 20th high school reunion?  It may not be the people, so it should be the wine.  But when the wine is unimpressive, being stuck in an unending, fake-smiling, posed group photo session, is enough to make you postal (do we even say that anymore?)  And so it was, soon after arriving, a glass of McMenamin’s 2006 Pinot Noir found its way into my hand.  Relief, if only temporary, but I’ll take what I can get. This wine was friendly enough, not a stunner. It smiled casually and commanded unwarranted attention.  Like a too-desperate housewife, it franticly greeted former classmates overstayed its welcome in nearly every tête-à-tête;  ­­­­came on strong, held on too long, and was forgettable in the end. It had the basics of a$15 pinot – some berry, some wood, nothing fancy, though to its credit, it tried…just entirely too hard.

I drank it at: McMenimins Edgefield, Troutdale, OR

Retails: $15.50

Thumbs us? Not really


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