Tiny Meatballs in the Wine

I dare you to sip a sparkler without smiling.  I think it’s truly impossible.  Is it because the bubbles tickle your nose, or because, by now, you’re already snockered?  Who’s to really say, but I tell you, Roederer Estate, Anderson Valley, Brut, NV is one ample sparkler that can make the most serious event fun and exciting. This is a serious wine and a monumental occassion like a bris is no time to be playing around.  Baby bubbles burst with a spray of lemony-lime, light pear and doughy apple cobbler.  And if you’re new to a bris, a good tip is to always keep your glass covered, lest that tiny meatball launch his own baby bubbles into your glass.  Roederer’s finish is dry and smooth with traces of sweet, fresh celery.  And speaking of food, I find that serving little smokies (beef only, of course) is always a hit at these blessed events.  Another sure way to up the mood, is to play party games.  I’ve always loved the sharp knife toss and pin the penis back on the baby. 

Now, could someone take the glass from the mohel, I think it’s time we get started. Mazel Tov!

 I drank it at: Seastar

Retails: $18

Thumbs up? Why yes, It rises to any occasion!    


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