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Dear Chicken Little — We Apologize!

So, the sky is falling.  I don’t dare say “has” because that would be dire, but then, dire straits would not be an exaggeration.  Let’s face it, with an unqualified, Lancome Rep leading the Republican ticket and the floor finally collapsing under the weight of Wall Street’s clusterf&%k, the global picture isn’t pretty.   And normally, I’m of the sort who discourages blatant bitching without trying to find a solution. This time however, my small brain is admittedly wondering why it’s in a hand basket and reluctantly asking where it’s going!  Forgive me, but such a simple mind can only entertain simple solutions… a deep hole in the sand and a glass of wine in hand… French wine… and a gloved hand. 

And in my hole with me is an irresistible Côtes de Beaune Burgundy. This 2005 Domaine Bernard Moreau Chassagne-Montrachet, Vieilles Vignes is a deep, rich ruby, the color that incites denial and desire, but perhaps not in that order.  This wine shows an intense, sustained yearning.  Its grippy tannins swallow you whole, swathing you in a flavorful resilience of dirty earthiness, glowing red fruit and ripened raspberry. Power harnessed beyond belief leaves you wobbly and weak and wishing for more.  Luckily, it’s a wish granting wine, if you have the serenity to surrender.  And accept the things we cannot change, have the courage to change the Numb-nuts running this country and have the wisdom to know the difference.    An elegant finish with steady long breathes.  

Retails: About $50

Gloved thumbs up!

Photo: Chicken Little Image Gallery


The Wine Whisperer

So I’m no Mr. Ed, but what they don’t know is we’ve got the M.O. on the X.X.O, down-low. That’s code for “Pour me a glass, I eat grass, all I see is ass … when I walk.” Now grab your own glass and move out, and I’ll give you a little 

wine whisper from a horse.

Republished from Wine Press Northwest, June 08

Photo:  Me & the German waiting to ride.

Thank you sir. May I have another?

No doubt, as a result of being on a dramatic cell phone conversation, I’ve parked my car, walked away, and promptly forgotten what floor, let alone, which parking garage it’s in.  So, no surprise, upon entering Target– on the phone – I mindlessly strapped my purse into the baby seat of my shopping cart and proceeded to laundry supplies stopping along the way to gaze at pillows and t-shirts.  

Next thing I know, I’m pushing someone else’s cart and the purse is nowhere to be seen.  I retrace my steps, unsure of exactly what those steps were, because of my distraction. With no luck, I realize I’m lost in Target, my purse has vanished, I need to hang up and RUN directly to customer service.  I do, screaming “My purse is gone! My purse is gone!”   

The customer service chick (bless her red and white t-shirted heart) reacts fast putting out an all-points bulletin over the walki-talki, while customers waiting in line, talking on their cell phones, look on sympathetically. A voice belts back over the radio that a black purse is sitting in a cart in women’s sportswear.  I run back (in slow motion, this time, just for effect) and there it was… waiting for me…judging me.

Well, if anyone is going to judge me, then that warrants a glass of wine. Del Rio, Rogue Valley, 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon steps forward from the depths of Southern Oregon – and weighs in heavily.  Its layers of deep, green pine, oak and cedar present an enchanted forest, full of dark surly attitude.  For sure, this wine does not let you off the hook easily.  Its rich black current, berry and plum leads you down a direction of smooth tannins and tough love.  With a sturdy backbone, it doesn’t mince words on its rant about cell phone users:

“As if you have license to behave badly!” it says. “Go ahead and talk, it’s just a child you nearly ran over!” it says. “Right!  Of course it’s my fault, because you couldn’t get off your phone fast enough,” it says. “Society has gone to hell…and YOU are a contributor!” 

Loving a Good Contradiction

Artesa, Carneros Estate, 2004 Chardonnay has contradictory desires, and I do love a good contradiction now and then.  With the choice to be smart or pleasant, you can guess which choice this bold bottle prefers. A throaty coolness sizzles in apricot, melon and lemon meringue whip, stacked on top of a tart yeasty yogurt-ness eager to unbutton what it takes pleasure in achieving.   Served too cold, this wine is tempestuous, and warming up takes time.  Even upon opening, it’s a bit stand off, steely, –ok, practically antagonistic.  But give it a moment.  Wait…wait…waaait.  GO!  It evolves into toasty fruit dipped in liquid caramel, big and smoky and cottony fresh.   Perfectly balanced with love and deceit, this wine stands up, gets noticed and leaves; noting your desperation for just one more single drop.

Just one?  Please?


I drank it: Indeed.

Retails: $40

Thumbs up?  Tremendously


It’s Gonna Be Alright

Between breaking news about the presumptive VP’s slutty daughter and Laura’s bleating blubber about still-president Bush’s character, I needed something big, bold and resuscitative to get through this evening’s RNC.  And to be clear, it’s not because I like enduring torture by the likes of bi-swinging party hopper Joe Lieberman, but I do like to keep a firm grip on the pulse of insanity —   thus my TV show of choice this evening.

Creep in Animale, Yakima Valley, 2004 Syrah.  It’s juicy with a kick and is most excellent with a Trader Joes frozen vegetarian pizza.  This is a wine that the cat may have dragged in, but when the captor’s not looking, it may find a big intrepid bite out of its ear or a paw. Deep black fruit penetrates the soft leather profundity with a transparent darkness that likes being with people to the point of obsession.  This wine raises your consciousness – not too crazily and not too high, but nonetheless, tannins are smooth and bad things are palin — and happiness is over when the lights come on.