It’s Gonna Be Alright

Between breaking news about the presumptive VP’s slutty daughter and Laura’s bleating blubber about still-president Bush’s character, I needed something big, bold and resuscitative to get through this evening’s RNC.  And to be clear, it’s not because I like enduring torture by the likes of bi-swinging party hopper Joe Lieberman, but I do like to keep a firm grip on the pulse of insanity —   thus my TV show of choice this evening.

Creep in Animale, Yakima Valley, 2004 Syrah.  It’s juicy with a kick and is most excellent with a Trader Joes frozen vegetarian pizza.  This is a wine that the cat may have dragged in, but when the captor’s not looking, it may find a big intrepid bite out of its ear or a paw. Deep black fruit penetrates the soft leather profundity with a transparent darkness that likes being with people to the point of obsession.  This wine raises your consciousness – not too crazily and not too high, but nonetheless, tannins are smooth and bad things are palin — and happiness is over when the lights come on. 


One response to “It’s Gonna Be Alright

  1. I had a chance to drink this last weekend. Imagine my disappointment when it was corked.

    Glad someone got to enjoy it!

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