Dear Chicken Little — We Apologize!

So, the sky is falling.  I don’t dare say “has” because that would be dire, but then, dire straits would not be an exaggeration.  Let’s face it, with an unqualified, Lancome Rep leading the Republican ticket and the floor finally collapsing under the weight of Wall Street’s clusterf&%k, the global picture isn’t pretty.   And normally, I’m of the sort who discourages blatant bitching without trying to find a solution. This time however, my small brain is admittedly wondering why it’s in a hand basket and reluctantly asking where it’s going!  Forgive me, but such a simple mind can only entertain simple solutions… a deep hole in the sand and a glass of wine in hand… French wine… and a gloved hand. 

And in my hole with me is an irresistible Côtes de Beaune Burgundy. This 2005 Domaine Bernard Moreau Chassagne-Montrachet, Vieilles Vignes is a deep, rich ruby, the color that incites denial and desire, but perhaps not in that order.  This wine shows an intense, sustained yearning.  Its grippy tannins swallow you whole, swathing you in a flavorful resilience of dirty earthiness, glowing red fruit and ripened raspberry. Power harnessed beyond belief leaves you wobbly and weak and wishing for more.  Luckily, it’s a wish granting wine, if you have the serenity to surrender.  And accept the things we cannot change, have the courage to change the Numb-nuts running this country and have the wisdom to know the difference.    An elegant finish with steady long breathes.  

Retails: About $50

Gloved thumbs up!

Photo: Chicken Little Image Gallery


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