Palin Packs a Sinner’s Punch!

So we’ve got another debate tonight, and you must be wondering what to serve, what to drink — what could possibly prepare us for the probable gaffes that may flow freely?  Let me help.  I’m thinking something – loquacious, a bit of a loose cannon. For Biden, something white and juicy and effusive – but get it in your mouth, quickly, before his foot goes in – again…and then again and again and again. C’mon Joe!

And then we have Ms. Palin – “Ms. SP” if you will.  No better choice, really, then the other SP, adequately named to honor this occasion.  The 2006 Sinner’s Punch, from the Columbia Valley is dark and lusty.  It holds it all up with a red and violet bustier, with scents of white carnation, baking vanilla, cedar and brown sugar.  Like a congenial beauty queen, this wine packs sweetness on the outside, but come a little closer….

Sinner’s Punch socks it to you – with the strength of a tiger and the smarts of one too.  The same cannot be said for our aspiring vice president, who, when let out of her cage, doesn’t miss a chance to…miss a chance.  This wine is beholden with sweet cherry and blueberry blended with that AK47 spiciness. It’s an intrepid mingling of deep, opaque juice with gentle tannins and a nose for news. And speaking of news, this wine “has a vast variety of sources where it gets its news” and CAN actually name them; while Ms. Palin’s going to “try to find ya some and bring ‘em to ya.”  

If readiness is in questions, this wine is.   And unlike Ms. Palin, it is equipped to step in, seize the reigns and lead — a successfully, orchestrated gastronomical experience (of course, what do I know about her cuisine capabilities…oh yah…moose.)

Uncork and imbibe!


Thumbs up on the low-end

Metropolitan Market,  on sale: $12.99


Photo: The Giant Wine Co.


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