The Taste of Two Lovelies

Sister-love is in the air and for some that’s simply exciting enough! Two hard-to-get beauties here, Cashmere 2005 and 2006, made from the oldest block of Cold Creek chardonnay in the Horse Heaven hills.

First up, 2005 — its stilettos are high and the eyeballs are low as Ms. Cashmere 2005 swaggers about in gold lamay. A sexy, citrus, C.F.M. air greets you with a splash, followed by traces of lemon peel and pump grapefruit. Draw in slowly, and it will take you deeper, until a shower of creamy vanilla ribbon coils around the tip of your tongue. Truly a glass of rumble in the jungle and we’re not talking tropical. It has strong stamina on the finish that shakes the fruit off the trees, yet is smooth enough to turn on a 5-inch heel without breaking it. Come again?

On to the 2006 — this glass of blond splendor is similar in style, and yet entirely different. Cashmere 2006 has French attitude and an aloof sweetness. What’s your sign? “Do not disturb.” But when the lights go down, this baby unfolds into marshmallow juiciness between two soft graham crackers. It’s a robust Chardonnay that offers all that’s unrevealed against winter-white chili and a crispy baguette. Wrap up in a Cashmere and swathe in delight.

Small case production and likely sold out. Contact: to inquire
Thumbs? Up and Up and Up to both of these lovelies…


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