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Rudolf the Red-Faced Re-Gifter

‘Tis the time of giving and re-gifting. And, unfortunately, the wineglasses you gave to your X-sister-in-law, are precisely the ones she gave to you two years ago. Big Bummer. No doubt, things get chilly. Make amends? Try offering a bottle of Gilbert 2006 Estate Claret from the Wahluke Slope in Washington to go with them. Good choice…might get you back into good graces on the surface, but you’ll always be a thoughtless bitch in the back of her mind. It’s understandable. This Claret is steeped in black cherry and bursts with fabulous darkness. I don’t know if it’s the Malbec jamminess or because it’s from the Wahluke Slope, but it ignites holiday goodness; even the subtlest of pleasantries are appreciated. Things get really interesting with the powdered cocoa and a rush of crushed blackberries. Even the X sister-in-law thinks so, though any gift you give her will always be suspect. Cheers to family!

Drank at The Bohemian, a fabulous new West Seattle spot
A good gift for someone you still like, but is no longer related to you

Photo: Gilbert Cellars


High Marks from the German, Perfect 10

The German (the husband) does not use the term “swanky German engineering” generously. In fact, he doesn’t use it at all…exactly. However, he does contend that Woodhouse Cellar’s Hudson Shah 2007 Viognier from the Columbia Valley of Washington state is the best viognier ever. He said “BEST EVER!” And we don’t use absolutes lightly. This wine opens with a collision of butterscotch, crispy melon and raw coconut. Fresh and lightly sweet, it blossoms into a swirl of toasted almond and lemon. A little cream cuts the acid creating a perfect balance with the precision of a German Riesling. It finishes strong, long and steely; rugged enough to hold it’s own, yet so soft that you just want to whisper into its tiny, undiscerning ear. Goodnight Sweet Pea.

Drank at: Woodhouse Family Cellars, $37
Thumbs up? Perfect 10 from the German!!

Photo: Woodhouse Family Cellars