Hardly A Rosé by Any Other Name

Dacalier Wine Co. 2008 Premiere Rosé from Napa Valley is not “a rosé is a rosé is a rosé.” On the contrary, this is a glass of beautiful. The color shines salmon berry, orangy-pink, the color of watermelon flesh. And their may be a slight hint of melon on the nose, but it’s rather light and doesn’t exactly tee you up for what’s about to happen. Sip, swirl — Bang! Whirl! Flavor fireworks ignite bright smoke and sausage – pepperoni, really. We dialed Pagliachi Pizza immediately and ordered their spiciest, Salumi Special stat! Honestly, Heathcliff, what a bombshell! As the night persists, so does this wine as it evolves from white pepper and petrol and to a luscious frozen strawberry. It’s a mysterious delight, and after trivial deliberation, I’d add, one of the better rosés, and The German agrees.

Retails for $15.99 — a great Napa value wine!
Order from the website.

Photo: Dacalier Wine Co.


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