Buy Guns in McLean, Drink Wine from McLaren

The Gatekeeper, 2001 McLaren Vale Shiraz is a mouthful of velvet, which soothed the senses as we watched Sunday’s 60 Minutes ‘Celebrating the Second Amendment’. While I found myself eagerly imagining reaching through the TV to strangle the NRA spokesman, I realize that’s impossible, as my hands are full — one hand holds a glass of dark purple calm and the other holds the bottle from which I gently take a swig. Trying to understand the other side’s insanity is enough to make you drink. Lush creaminess touches my tongue – almost nougaty like a Three Musketeers. ‘All for one and one for all’ — in a low-on-logic, lemming-like mindset. Is it a wonder that I share Lesley Stahl’s astonishment? Meanwhile, dark currant and blackberry swirl like a ribbon through the middle of my mouth. I like it. But the German says it showed better fruit in its younger days. Weren’t we all a little riper back then? Though not as bright as perhaps it once was, it has more curves then edges, which is usually a good thing. Filled with the knowledge that Virginia is one of the easiest states to buy a gun in, I continue to sip knowing how much better I will sleep tonight.

Drink Sooner…

Photo: Cellertracker


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