Pettifog with Your Fois Gras? Drink Up!

So you say you love a good argument? I used to too, until I met the German. Arguing becomes less fun when you argue against someone significantly smarter. Not that I’m a dummy; I choose to spend my time differently. And then, when friends Ben and Kari show up for dinner…stand back! We unleashed a bottle of Blankiet Estate, 2001 Paradise Hills Vineyard Merlot, which served as the perfect balance to the sparks flying at the dinner table.

First assail was on Ted Kennedy, which lead to elitism, which lead to Israel, which lead to terrorists – or something like that. The wine was a mouthful of masculinity, a compelling force at the beginning. It showed a layer of preeminent strike, then a pummeling center, but left a medium-ish finish. A little droopy. The fruit fell flat, but was detectable. What did reveal was feathery dark cherry, dark plum and stony earth wrapped in a swirl of smooth, the only thing that could quiet these two combatants down.

While the two wives sat at the table engaged, then bored, then fighting ourselves to stay awake, I thought, if only we had a library where the men could retire to and leave us alone. Note to self: Next house will have a library…with a door that locks from the outside.

On the downside… drink NOW!

Photo: CellerTracker


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