Sensory Domination – Chocolate Vs. Wine

A culmination of my two favorite foods is a beautiful thing. I know it’s a cliché to talk about pairing wine and chocolate, and you know how much I hate clichés, so instead, let’s talk about another favorite…domination.

A taste of chocolate first, and the fat of the cocoa butter cloaks my tongue. A rich, creamy coating gives a smooth, buttery mouthfeel. It’s like a lick of love in all the right places – firm and supple… simply mesmerizing. But if the wine comes first, a struggle could ensue. A wine’s need for lascivious power is palpable. It may start coy, but don’t be fooled. As it blends, begins to breath, its strength reveals desire and its power is enticing. Resting in my mouth, I feel the sugar and acid rousing a balance, while salt, sweet and sour flood my senses. I acquiesce, what choice do I have? Layers of lemon and honey of a Riesling or the spice and pepper of a Syrah show endless promise as my tongue becomes saturated. It’s about the subtleties of order and the elegance of finesse – a true battle at its finest.

Last night, the German and I stomped through the rain — me in my black stilettos — to tour Boehms Candies, followed by a pairing with Columbia Crest wines. It’s true, Riesling does go with everything!


2 responses to “Sensory Domination – Chocolate Vs. Wine

  1. Domination and sweets — it really is the quintessential pairing. Thanks for reading, Kasper!

  2. I second that! Riesling is very versatile and blends well with domination and sweets 😀

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