These Are a Few of My Favorite Things (in Walla Walla for Spring Release)

Upon return from Spring Release in Walla Walla and trying to decipher my notes that really show my plentiful path to inebriation, instead of boring you with ALL the minutia – which I will do in forthcoming blogs, I’ll just bore you with some of it (as if….)

Most importantly — Ice-Burg is my absolute favorite spot for a cheeseburgers and peanut-butter, chocolate shakes…. GO THERE! 616 W Birch Street, and call ahead to place your order so you don’t have to wait in the dreadfully LONG line!! 509 529 1793

And on to more beverages….

Everything Long Shadows –Tasted the not-yet released 2008 Poet’s Leap Riesling, which wafted of bright, fresh peaches, carnations and lemony-vanilla. Only recently bottled, it tasted like an apricot spritzer, on the dryer side with a bit of fizz and hints of stoniness. Now, if only I could turn up the sun, lounge on a big deck chair in nothing more then a big hat, dark sunglasses and more string than bikini ….uh huh…. Enjoy it properly. $28

Dunham Cellars – Lots of favorites, but I’ll just name two: Dunham Cellars, Lewis River, 2004 Syrah – “I want to spice you up,” sings this wine. Layers of opaque fruit wrap up your tongue in a cloak of deep red pomegranate, cherry and smokey clove cigarette (ahhh, those were the days). It’s a mouthful of sensations that can best be understood through the luminous language of tantricity and craving. $75

And speaking of craving, Eric’s next masterpiece is a collaboration with actor, Kyle MacLachlan – a fellow Washingtonian and our dear friend Charlotte’s “sexually ineffective” husband Trey MacDougal. Hoping his wine stands up better then his Sex and the City performance…we are, indeed, not disappointed. Pursued by Bear, 2005 Cab Sauv is dark and rich with black cherry, black licorice and blackberry – all my favorite black things – and a lengthy finish to boot. Leave it to a wine to salvage one’s stamina and inspiring desperation in housewives. $65.

Keep an eye out for Baby Bear…the wine, dummy!

Photos: Dunham Cellars, Long Shadows,


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