I’ll Take A Manischewitz, No Ice

On our way to Europe we stopped in Rockford, IL for my nephew’s wedding. In the last 10 days, he graduated from Iowa State, turned 23, received his commissioning as a Second Lieutenant Marine, got married, and is moving to Quantico, VA. Just hearing this story made me feel very lazy and very thirsty. And being I was in Rockford, NOT Chicago, my wine choices were limited. So I sipped what there was and became an observer of the habits of Rockfordians.

On Wine

  • They drink Manischewitz on the rocks
  • They were drinking boxed wine long before it was cool.
  • “I love that shit” can refer to a lot of things including wine.
  • “Hey…… stuff is falling out of your dress” refers to car keys, cell phone, cash, credit cards, other people’s cash, keys and credit cards, lip gloss, and a microphone – probably a small child, a fruit salad and the neighbor’s cat, which was stuffed down the front of one of the bridesmaid’s long, purple satin dresses for safekeeping.
  • “You’re not watching what I’m watching” refers to The German talking to me in his sleep, then jolting upright from the dream.

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