Celebrating Two Years with The German in Germany!

We arrived in Munich on our second anniversary, and like a still-good husband, still relatively new to marriage, The German surprised me with dinner reservations at Kaefer. Kaefer is known for casual elegance, roaming food and did not disappoint. We started with Speghettini in a truffle crème. Next, my grilled halibut, arrived, and literally melted in my mouth along with the creamy morels and asparagus. The German had venison, that was so rare it almost leapt off the plate, just the way he liked it. He claimed that he was eating the “best cabbage” he’d ever had; and I know what you’re thinking, because I thought the same. Best + cabbage in the same sentence. Odd. But it’s true, the cabbage was amazing, and we both agreed, this fabulous meal was one of the best we’d ever had. A Joseph Drouhin, 2006 grand vin, pinot noir from Bourgogne was a perfect complement. With a clean, raspberry nose, this ruby Drouhin was a quick-changing, simple wine. It evolved quickly moving through sour to bitter strawberry to spice, becoming smooth and fruity defusing its tannins. The best part of the meal was the chocolate mousse that arrived with fresh fruit and a firey sparkler. A wonderfully, fantastic evening which we’ve spent the first two years of marriage earning!

Photo(s) Kaefer-Schanke


One response to “Celebrating Two Years with The German in Germany!

  1. Congratulations!

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