More Meat in Munich

Overall, I liked Munich very much. We hung out with friends, did day-trips in the Bavaria Alps, visited Neuschwanstein, traipsed around mountain villages including and stood in awe of the Baroque churches with their pastel-colored frescoes. No doubt, many animals must die in Germany to provide nourishment for the many meat-eaters. I drank wine and ate cheese products, while the German endured beer, weisswurst, beer, Kässpatzen, beer and Schweinshaxe.

Things that interested and surprised me in Bavaria:

  • People REALLY wear lederhosen and dirndls. The German bought be a dirndl and I can only imagine it’s to fulfill some crazy fantasy of his…. you’ll hear about it.
  • Trampolines in Munich-ians backyards are as common as pools in Californians backyards.
  • Munich-ers really drink beer while perusing their morning newspapers. They really do.
  • No less then three pages of rules – many of which we had already broken by the time we read them at the Botanical Gardens

One response to “More Meat in Munich

  1. Sounds like a great trip 😀
    Glad you liked it over here!

    Will there be any further comments on german wine (or beer)?

    All the best!

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