Irancy in Auxerre

LA drivers are crazy, but the French are insane! We arrived in Paris, grabbed our rental car and headed south to the wine region of Bourgogne. Two hours later, we were still in Paris, sitting in the gnarliest traffic, trying not to take out every “entitled” motorcyclists, and annoyed as hell. I’m all for aggressive driving, but French drivers are bullies!! We finally broke free of the insanity and sped down the A6 en route to Auxerre.

We found the charming town, checked into Hotel Maxime on the river, then headed to a nearby bistro Bar le Quai. Can’t say customer service is France’s forte, as we waited a good 30 minutes to receive menus. But what they don’t do for service, they make up for with their customers. So many pretty people wining, dining and smoking. Even in this not-too-small country town, people have style and there’s lots to look at. Finally we too were wining and dining (and you already know how I feel about smoking). Vino, fromage and French fries arrived. Our waiter seemed a little put out when the German asked for ketchup – but redeemed himself with his wonderful wine recommendation. A local lovely, Bourgogne Irancy 2005, Benoit Cantin. Good acid and distinct fruit, with a divine lightness that paired well with the high humidity in the air (followed by a wicked lightening storm). A country wine that evoked red plum and red currant, it was happy and lovely and a nice introduction to the wines to come as we pressed on the next day headed to Beaune.


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