France’s Sparkling Response to Two Buck Chuck

On our drive back to Paris, we began seeing everything through a French impressionistic lens. The white cows grazing in golden fields seemed painted in small, visible brushstrokes. Yes, even the cows are beautiful.

Upon approach, we stopped on the outskirts to stock up at Carrefour, the French-based, Walmart of the world. In this store, you’ll find the grandest selection of boxed wine, and France’s answer to two-buck-chuck, Café de Paris Blanc de Blanc Brut, a French sparkler for
€0.99; a vast selection of cheese and foie gras, though somehow we managed to choose the undefined pate on the shelf (and couldn’t figure out which animal it came from. Ugh.)

By the way, much to our surprise, this semi-dry sparkler exceeded our expectations of a $1.40 wine. It was light, fresh and bubbly and made from 6 varietals: Sauvignon, Ugni Blanc, Semillion, Chardonnay, Chenin and Colombard. Upon reuniting after an imagined-kidnapping, it’s definitely worth cracking open.


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