Let’s Make a Movie. Glass of Chardonnay?

So as many of you know, I applied for the Really Goode Job at Murphy-Goode, down in Sonoma. This required filming a video demonstrating why I’d be the best Lifestyle/Social Media Correspondent on the face of the free earth. About a thousand people sent me the job posting, and another two thousand applied for it; and that’s when I decided to throw my hat in the ring. Who was it that said ‘procrastination paves the road to greatness.’ Oh, that was me. Right…

So out goes the German to Costco to pick up a video camera (a little too eagerly, I might add) Then off we went to Woodinville to make a movie. First stop DeLille to ask Greg Lill to say nice things about me. Then further down the road we stop in at Woodhouse Family Cellars to get a clip from owner, Bijal Shah.

Since we seemed oddly ahead of schedule, we stayed for a few sips and made a lovely discovery: the 2007 Hudson Shah, Columbia Valley, Chardonnay. This wine is a little genius in a glass. It’s stark and steely, and while I’m a big fan of butter bombs, the crisp balance of this wine made me actually shudder. Ripe pear, apple and rock careened down my throat to a long and noisy finish. Keep a couple cold bottles in the fridge this summer. They’ll be a hit!

Buy it at the winery, $35.

And a special thanks to those who voted for me. What’s next? Friday Murphy-Goode posts the TOP 50 to their site. Keep your fingers crossed!



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