Maryhill, Wine Flights and Food off the Floor

The German and I met some friends, a well-known couple-about-town, at Cellar 46 on Mercer Island. We’d barely settled down to our table when the banter began when the couple revealed that at their home, a stately one in a nearby neighborhood, there is no 10 second rule. Not even a 20 second rule. If food falls on the floor, it’s fair game no matter when it falls and when it gets picked up and eaten. This is one of those TMI tips that you never forget. Note to self: Have gracious excuse ready to decline a dinner invite.

Now, on to the wine flights:

Smokin’ Reds $21
• 2006, Maryhill Winery, Columbia Valley, WA blend: Smokey berry with swirls of smooth milk chocolate and a dusting of cocoa powder
• 2007 Dusted Valley, Boomtown, Columbia Valley, WA Syrah: Mushroom earthiness coupled with smoked meat and spice
• 2007 Saint Cosme, Cotes-Du-Rhone, FR: Pepper steak, dried red fruit
• 2007, Waters Winery, Columbia Valley, WA Syrah: Peppery spice with olive and black cherry, soft tannins.

Pinot Noir $24 (My pick)
• 2007, Scott Paul, Cuvee Marth Pirrie, OR: A ribbon of dark chocolate, with bits of boysenberry and blackberry.
• 2006 Brandborg, Umpqua Valley, OR: A berry blast — strawberry, raspberry and cranberry. Yum.
• 2006, Belle Glos Meiomi, Sonoma Coast, CA Pleasant cherry but unengaging, simple and one dimensional which isn’t a bad thing. Maybe decant next time?
• 2007, Broadley Reserve, Willamette Valley, OR: Sweet and intense red raspberry.

Internationals $20 (The German’s pick)
• 2007 Domaine des Cassagnoles, Gondrin FR (White) (lifted from the tasting sheet, but seems to be missing the name of the wine): Clean and bright with fresh white lime popsicle and apple
• 2007 Sparkman Cellars ‘Lumiere’ Columbia Valley, WA (White): A citrus splash with an array of orange, mandarin, lemon and a tossed-in peach.

Fortunately, these two were repeats, because I was too tipsy to write sensibly.
• 2007, Scott Paul, Cuvee Marth Pirrie, OR: Repeat
• 2007 Saint Cosme, Cotes-Du-Rhone, FR: Repeat

And the best of the best…and the judges were unanimous on this decision…. Maryhill Winery….yet again.

Photo: Maryhill Winery


2 responses to “Maryhill, Wine Flights and Food off the Floor

  1. Ahhhh. Good to know!

  2. the 20 second rule is for us not our guests 😉

    PS wasn't it your food?

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