When Fireworks Attack Make Sure Your Glass is Full

I’m conflicted about celebrating the Fourth of July. Not because I’m unpatriotic or disavow our founding forefathers. It has more to do with the mutilation of body parts that occurs every year when illegal fireworks blend with a serious sum of stupidity — Whiz! Bang! — off flies a hand, out goes an eye… and then, as you would expect, the party picks up.

It’s not like we hope this happens. But in the event that it does, what we do hope for is a front row seat to watch the ghastliness unravel. Sick and wrong? Why yes. But an occasion to drink nonetheless. While flashing lights and chaos abound, you must pay careful attention to the juice in your glass. Why? Because it may be such a hairy sight, that refilling your glass and retaking your seat would seem downright wrong.

The key is to think ahead. Should it be something big and brawny that stands up to the utter horror or perhaps something that sizzles to complement the sight ahead. Here’s a hint – it’s a merlot and it’s maaaah-volous. A 2002, Russell Creek Winemakers Select Merlot, Columbia Valley is a mouthful of body and balance, strong enough to do an over-the-shoulder fireman’s carry through a screaming crowd, yet soft enough to sit on the sidelines and weep. People love this wine, and I do agree, with its dark veil of supple dark fudge enveloping cherry, blackberry and ripe raspberry. Now pour a little extra in your glass in case the night is set on fire!

Edited & reposted from Friday, July 4, 2008


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