Road Trip for Wine!

So the German and I headed to Leavenworth, a Bavarian village, two hours northeast of Seattle. Visions of Muenchens danced in our heads – but more importantly, in 96 degree hot, a thirst-quenching glass was in order. Admittedly I’m not super familiar with the nearby wineries and was pleasantly surprised to see several tasting rooms on Main Street, though few were pouring local juice. We found one that was, with an extremely enthusiastic winemaker to boot. Our journey commenced with the wines of Bergdorf Cellars:

• 2006 Riesling ~ $21.50
• 2006 Chardonnary ~ $21.50
• 2006 Rose ~ $21.50
2005 Malbec ~ $29
• 2003 Double Cab ~ $26
• Ski Jump Red ~ $32
• Cab Franc Barrel Tasting ~ $28

The German’s pick: Cab Franc Barrel Tasting – ripe with a whirl of cherry, berry, cinnamon and vanilla. The wine was balanced with smooth tannins. As well, a big shout out to Café Mozart – even The German gives it a two-thumbs up for the German Potato Salad “just like moms!” And you can read a previous post on my Malbec discovery…

Here’s a list of the wineries we missed. Cheers!



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