With Wine or Sex – A "Soft Finish" Finishes Last

Be it wine or sex, it’s unusual that a “soft finish” is ever a good thing. I found a Malbec that proved this true, than discovered what it takes to lengthen it up. In tasting the 2005, Bergdorf Cellars, Wahluke Slope, Malbec ($29), yes there was fruit, good fruit I might add — juicy plum, boysenberry and a tease of dark cherry. But where was the finish? We know that a “soft finish” translates into “no finish” — something left undone, halted to a standstill, a hard-stop if you will. And fruit’s not enough for a girl like me. The ads claim it’s nothing to be embarrassed by, but damn-straight, it is! For this wine, though, there was hope. A sliver of chocolate melting on my tongue proved to be a redeemer. Thou didst divide the fruit’s waves with a swallow of chocolate bringing forth a rich, creaminess that smooths the tannins and forces the finish to linger. And really, who will ever complain about a finish left lingering by the hand of chocolate? Drink up!


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