Don’t Eat Baby Animals, But Do Love A Good Pinot

I was casually invited to attend a dinner given by the American Lamb Board, which I graciously declined, because while nothing goes better with lamb than a good pinot, I do not love to eat baby animals. Why? I just have this belief that every creature deserves to live past adolescence, and therefore, I curb my tastes around babies: lamb, veal, baby octopus, etc. I’m not completely righteous about it, though some people look at me incredulously when I remind them that lamb is no more than a baby sheep.

The ALB website assures me that American lamb is raised right here in America, so you know it is the freshest lamb available… and “American Lamb “always benefits from rest before serving— so the meat’s juices settle.”

Stop! My tongue is bleeding.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a vegetarian and don’t judge (harshly) those who pluck the babes fresh from the field. So … as it is, I’ll never achieve any sort of foodie status and am coping with that in my own way. But let’s just say, if I did eat lamb – here’s what I’d drink:

• 2003, Lange Estate Winery, Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley ~ A Favorite Cellar Selection*
• 2007, Roots, Pinot Noir Estate Vineyard, Yamhill-Carlton $25.99 @Esquin
• 2008, Thomas Henry, Pinot Noir, Napa $12.99 @Esquin
• 2007, Antica Terra, Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley $46 @winery
• 2008, Patterson Cellars, Rose, Washington State, @our friend Mark’s house, a fellow wine enthusiast

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*Cellar Selection means we dragged it from our cellar.



One response to “Don’t Eat Baby Animals, But Do Love A Good Pinot

  1. I think it may be more common than you expect, I know a number of people who refuse to eat veal and other non-matured meats. It is every persons right to chose what they eat and do not eat, they shouldn't have to explain themselves – in the same token they shouldn't forced their beliefs onto others.

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