Just Say Yes

Joined friends for dinner at the deliciously, yet frequently forgotten, Phoenicia on Alki, specializing in Lebanese cuisine. Here, host Hussein, greets you like you’ve come home from college and he’s missed you dearly. Though the menu is lovely, like a good father, he makes strong suggestions as to what you should have, how you should live your life – and no matter what he says, the answer should always be a sprightly “YES”. That evening for us, first came a basin of seafood in a bright yellow, saffron broth followed by a big platter of kebabs – chicken, goat and lamb over rice and roasted vegetables. Divine! (No, I’m not a hypocrite. I only ate the chicken.) With us, we brought a robust, Washington State, Bordeaux blend that clashed terribly with our meal. Our bad.

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Photo: http://www.alkibeach.com


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