Bear Hugs from the Mailman

This Seghesio Old Vine, 2002 Zinfandel, Sonoma County is an immense, glass of happiness – similar to the feeling I get when Mitch the mailman gives me a big, bear hug. Don’t look at me like that. Mailmen are allowed to give hugs (I think).

This wine is dark as night, yet gives the feeling of a burst of California sunshine. It’s jammy with age and soft, structured tannins – muted black cherry and traces of leathery raw meat. The acid stands up and shows a dry, mellow portliness. Though its intensity is waning, it still finishes strong.

For the record: The German gives better bear hugs than the mailman.

A cellar-selection – the last one in our cellar.



One response to “Bear Hugs from the Mailman

  1. Kate Alexander

    I had a mailman, Shermon, before I lost all to Katrina. He used to give me the scriptures according to Sherman. Actually, I would have preferred a bearhug rather than the Jesus stuff, then gone back inside and enjod a great, full-bodied Zin.

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