Wetter than Wild – Auction of Washington Wines is Kicked Off

Last night was an evening of wine-o festivities and new-found friends. I met Eric Hwang, a social media guy and a Murphy-Goode top-10er, who accompanied me to a fun, private tasting with John Bigelow, owner and winemaker of JM Cellars , and asst. winemaker, Tim. Beautiful grounds coupled with beautiful wines. (More to follow in the next post.)

Then on to the Chateau Ste. Michelle – for the annual Picnic, that kicks off the Auction of Washington Wines extravaganza. It was high on the wet factor and more mild then wild – lots of fun and great to see everyone. I pursued my hunt for new wines to taste and praise and here are a few I found and enjoyed:

Red Sky, 2005 Sunrise Blend – it’s the breakfast wine, I’m told.

• Ruckus, 2007 Cab Sauv/Merlot Blend – It’s the second label for Corvus Cellars, and admittedly, I’m not familiar with its first. The blend was true to its fruit, not too much of a ruckus causer — nothing offensive, nothing remarkable.

Chateau Rollat poured a 2008 Cab Franc, which I was assured, is not representative of their best. If it’s not, I’m eager to try what is!!

Falling Rain Cellars, 2006 Mischief – Nothing small about this wine, coming in at a hefty 15.3%. That’s right. If you’re going for a second glass, drop your keys in the basket. Maybe you’re at a swinger’s party, but more likely, you’re going home in a cab. Wowza!


4 responses to “Wetter than Wild – Auction of Washington Wines is Kicked Off

  1. I know Ed – the only thing wetter than the weather was my glass. Never a dry moment. Would love to hear some of your favorites. I have a column due and love suggestions.

  2. So many great wines to try that night. I never had the opportunity to find the wines you mentioned. I always had an eager wine maker at my elbow making sure that my glass was always full

  3. You said it Online Wine Auctions. And the Duke said it too: 'It don't mean a thing if you ain't got that swing' — and if you're sippin' on 15% – your thing is…well…in jeopardy.

  4. Online Wine Auctions

    A breakfast wine? I love it, have to try this just on it's reputation alone! 🙂
    I'm also quite sure that a second glass of 15% wine will likely put an end to both your driving and swinging for plans the night… (teehee)

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