Just a Piece of Meat

 Welcome back, me! So I was out at JM Cellars tasting wine with John Bigelow, owner, winemaker and hot husband. I don’t think it’s wrong to call another wife’s husband hot as long as you think your own husband’s hot – and mine is “Pierce Brosnan” hot. Oh men! Don’t you all just feel like a piece of meat? Speaking of meat – let’s talk about the wines. We covered the rainbow with some lovely whites, pinks and reds…

  • 2008, Mourvedre Rose – This is a bright shade of melted-crayon magenta, and whiffs madly of candy apple and juicy strawberry. It’s a perfect summer wine served cold, but I would highly recommend it for Christmas too because it’s so colorful. (NO, do not serve it hot.) What it is, is a Provence-styled balance of dry appley spice and red high-heel cheer.

  • (This one made it into my column for the Fall issue of Wine Press Northwest pairing wine with camping accoutrements) “…But back to the bites. JM Cellars, 2006, Cuvee, Columbia Valley puts the meat in the ball atop a pile of camping-style spaghetti (jar, yes – can, no). This wine has hearty strength – a backbone that bursts with juicy blackberry, black currant and fig. Smacked by tannins on the back of your tongue, this wine is robust enough to tame the tomato, yet refined enough for French cheese and chocolate.

  • 2008, Klipsun Vineyards, Sauvignon Blanc – This is the white wine made for red wine drinkers. Bordeaux styled, inspired by Pouilly Fume. It’s crisp and lean with lots of minerality, and a floral finish. And a bit-o-honey from the 5% Semillon.

  • 2008, Columbia Valley, Viognier – Imagine a nose full of cotton candy, white peach, light jasmine, lemon zest and a dewy swirl of meringue. The acid jazz texture is smooth and mouthwatering.

  • 2007 Bramble Bump Red – A blast of red, ripe fruitiness and dark cherry goodness. Truth be told, the secret sauce is a touch of mourvedre. With hints of vanilla and a pine cone finish, this wine stands the test of time celebrating its 5th vintage.

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