Duck Sucker Punch – It’s Not What’s for Dinner

Having never clocked someone unexpectedly in the face, can someone please tell me what goes through a person’s mind the split second before they do it? Seriously? Today is not a proud day to admit being a Duck. So for all of us out there feeling nothing short of mortified, dive in and I mean dive deep, into a bottle of 2008 High Note, Malbec from Mendoza.

I know, common sense might dictate that a temperamental Oregon Pinot Noir would suffice, but given common sense is not so common, I chose something with a little more fury to tackle this tiny blooper. Absinthe aside, this Latin Malbec throws a mean right hook. Strong and thorny, this wine screams “Wanna Piece of ME?” while its dark simmering richness exposes intense, luscious flavors. Blackberry, cherry and black currant flurry around spice and vanilla bean. Now if only the Ducks can figure out how to go out on a High Note. PR anyone?


2 responses to “Duck Sucker Punch – It’s Not What’s for Dinner

  1. Taser would have been justified. I know. Head is hung low.

  2. Good to know the University of Nike has a little bit of Jerramy Stevens in it. It was a shocking display, and I honestly wondered if Boise law enforcement was going to pull out the Taser for Mr. Blount.

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