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Pairing Halloween With Vampire Vineyards

B6009099Halloween wine pairings are tricky.  With chocolate, reds swell with options. Vampire Merlot is an all-around good pick.  This wine is as happy with cheap chocolate as it is with a bloody burger. But if you’re looking at caramel or nougDraculaSyrahat filling i.e., Milky Way or 3 Musketeers, I’d consider a spicy Dracula Syrah.  Its peppery essence will marvelously entwine with those creamy layers of fluff creating its own zesty surprise.

Iconic Halloween candy corn is best paired with something richly round or swishery sweet.  Try a beastly Vampire Chardonnay or cloying  Vampire White Zinfandel.  The Chard’s buttery goodness cuts the blood sugar to a manageable mouthful, while the really ripe coca-Zinfandel will maximize the potential for rotting fangs.

Did someone say fangs?  The German has fangs.  But don’t tell anyone.

Happy Halloween!

Photos:  Vampire Vineyards


Kinda Dirty – French Maid Wines

french_maid_logoIf you’re a husband or a wife or plan to be one in the near future…take note:

Doing housework = Getting sex.

At least, according to a recent WSJ article that the German eagerly dropped in my lap. I know our house is clean, so what do you think he’s trying to tell me…?  Apparently, a new study shows that for husbands and wives alike, the more housework you do, the more often you are likely to have sex with your spouse. And if you really want to set the stage with gusto, pop the cork on a bottle of French Maid Cabernet Sauvignon – can’t go wrong with something dark and luscious, a little dirty and a little sweaty.

Now girls, don your lace – while boys, you put that feather duster to good use.

Ooh la la!

Duck Wines Ducks Win!

From Duckhorn to Duck Pond… Every Duck’s a winner!  images

(In case you haven’t heard Ducks 43 Huskies 19)

Too bad…so sad. Drink up!


Fondling the Fine Ones

A group of friends and The German and I  ventured east to Prosser anticipating an ample tasting adventure. While, Prosser and adventure do not intuitively go hand in hand, we unearthed some fine ones and wished we had more time to fondle them.  Here are a few favorites from Alexandria Nicole and Kestrel Vintners:

Alexandria Nicole

2008 Crawford Viognier This wine drinks swell as a loner. No need for food to muck things up.  It’s a clean swallow of ripe pineapple and peach, with a slight bubbly effervescence.08sheperds-250-240x300

2008 Shephards Mark Rhone varietals blend into a froth of chewy white peach and bright fruit, with a slight yogurty yeastiness and a lemon fresh finish (not like Pledge or anything).

2007 Merlot Appallingly luscious, this was a favorite.  It’s smooth and feathery –  tickles your nose with frozen boisenberry and cocoa powder.   A juicy, black forest cake evolution happens in your mouth.  A little heat on the tip, but overall nicely balanced.

2006 Cabernet Sauvignon This wine has the body for a thong bikini but its wound a little tight, if ya know what I mean.   Amped up on coffee with a touch of cream and sugar, its bright, strong tannins shine with cherry, tart vanilla and a  mouthwatering wild blueberry finish.

2006 Destiny Ridge Rasperry ribbons winds through vanilla oakiness and dark blueberry.  A little stemmy, but evened out in the wash.


2006 Viognier Slight pear and slighter sulphur, smooth mouthfeel with a few citrusy pop rocks here and there. Interesting.

2008 Viognier – Described as a playground.  For me?  A blend of steamed rice and tart lemon effervescence.

2007 Syrah This was The German’s pick-of-the-day. Dark and lusciously jammy, with midnight, blackberry and cherry.

Kestrel barrel tastings

Two-Ton Cabernet Sauvignon This wine knows how to smuggle Cuban cigars, if you catch my drift.

O-Vine Cabernet Sauvignon – Spearmint joins forest pine.  Keep in mind, these are still in barrel.


What Would Gary V. Do?

Just heard Gary Vaynerchuk speak at Elliot Bay Books about his new book Crush It.  If that guy were a wine he’d be one those spicy syrahs amped up on viognier.  He’s robustly effusive and nakedly honest.  What you see is what you get.  Here are the top book-header-trans14 things I got:

  1. Family first!
  2. You can’t lose if you’re nice.
  3. Gary likes you more then you like him.
  4. We are officially in a ‘thank you’ economy.
  5. Creativity wins.
  6. Email everyone who contacts you.
  7. Don’t filter the guy with a few followers. He may have millions next week.
  8. Best way to sell is not to try to sell.
  9. Best way to get the girl is  to not like the girl.
  10. Anything is better than zero.
  11. Know who you are; completely focus on your strengths.
  12. Hey wineries!  Do a geosearch on twitter – then contact every single person who comes up in that search.
  13. He gave a shout out to Eric Levine, Cellar Tracker.
  14. Look forward to his next book:  ‘Tunnel’.

If you missed him today, he’ll be at Cost Plus tonight at 8pm!

Buy it!  Read it!  Crush it!

Who Loves a Good Straddle?

Hood River, in the Columbia Gorge appellation, straddles both Oregon and Washington, and lord knows, I love a good straddleSnapshot 2009-10-14 12-38-41.  Here are a few bottles we liked on the Oregon side.

  • Cor Cellars, 2006, Cabernet Sauvignon, McKinley Springs Vineyard, Horse Heaven Hills, WA
  • Syncline, 2007, Cuvee Elena, Columbia Valley
  • Sycline, 2007 Steep Creek Ranch, Columbia Gorge

And if you’re looking for romance and elegance, or not, I’d highly recommend Celilo for dinner.


Olallieberry… Really?

Call me JV, but I’m hard-pressed to identify olallieberry in my sensory evaluation of wine.  I see it referred to in tasting images-2notes, and, admittedly, it is kind of fun to say.  But as much as I love inventive expression, can you really taste a cross between the loganberry and the youngberry, each of which is itself a cross between blackberry and another berry (raspberry and dewberry, respectively)?

I’m not saying it’s impossible…I’m just sayin’.