Navarro Vineyards Spanks Its Own Ass

Why?  Because it can.  It’s just that divine.  Navarro Vineyards, in my humble opinion, is a gem of the Anderson Valley.


Its 2007 Chardonnay is lean and lush, full of creamy caramel and apple on a stick.  Roll this wine under your tongue to truly taste its tender essence.  Rich and buttery – pastry tart lightness blends with licentious prowess.  And the way I see it, there’s nothing wrong with a little sweet-tartiness.

The 2007 Navarrouge blends nine varietals with a trace of je ne sais quoi. Bright blackberry corset and cherry boa mingle in your mouth inspiring a creamy mocha-chocalata-ya-ya finish. Whether on a trapeze, a tightrope or in a bind – this wine shows nuanced complexity with unadulterated balance. The 2006 Zinfandel commands performance.  Dark juicy lushness blends with dried fruit chewiness for an enchanting combination of old-world ways.  Strong tannins provide Adonis-like structure with a taste of unrequited love.  Simply ornamental.


2 responses to “Navarro Vineyards Spanks Its Own Ass

  1. I want to upload my photo but can’t seem to. Like my red design. So OK.

  2. This one I must try. Sounds like a mocha latte. Yummm!

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