Drink Frog’s Piss – Wee at Your Own Risk

If you’re traveling to Paris take note: following your wine imbibe, be mindful of where you wee.  Why? Because peeing in public (or letting your dog), is a no no and could land you a hefty fine of up to €450 ($644).  Do you know how many bottles of Frog’s Piss you could buy?  I’d imagine lots!  The German sent me the following absurd, yet also reasonable, Wall Street Journal story about the war on public urination.

Here’s an excerpt:


PARIS — Hidden behind dark sunglasses, Jean-Pierre Rebete follows his target into a narrow Paris alley.  “We’ve got one,” he whispers to his partner, who bolts to block off the other end of the street. The man in the alley zips up his jeans and turns away from the wall. Busted. Mr. Rebete hands him a ticket and informs him of his rights.

Of the 20,000 total infractions the Bad Behavior Brigade (real name) records every year, 25% involve people and dogs caught illegally relieving themselves in public.  Fines can be as high as €450 ($644), but will be reduced to a maximum of €35 starting next year. I say drink the Frog’s Piss but wee at your own risk.


Photo: Frog’s PissThis label belongs to Cheers Calais booze-cruise store. The fruity drinkable wine is a plonk, worth the few coins the wine costs.


3 responses to “Drink Frog’s Piss – Wee at Your Own Risk

  1. Well, I have eaten some very odd foods internationally which I would never eat in the U.S. I suppose if I was in Paris, I would drink the Piss. Where in hell are dogs supposed to relieve themselves? In the flat?

    Men who imbibe need to use the facilities before they leave. But dogs? It is their nature as we teach them to go outside and not on your floor,

  2. Dogs? Seriously? I defy anyone to stop a dog from peeing once it has made up its mind to start!

    • I know. The whole dog thing is suspicious. I also heard there’s a new movement questioning the legitimacy of ‘man’s best friend’. Only the French…

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