What Would Gary V. Do?

Just heard Gary Vaynerchuk speak at Elliot Bay Books about his new book Crush It.  If that guy were a wine he’d be one those spicy syrahs amped up on viognier.  He’s robustly effusive and nakedly honest.  What you see is what you get.  Here are the top book-header-trans14 things I got:

  1. Family first!
  2. You can’t lose if you’re nice.
  3. Gary likes you more then you like him.
  4. We are officially in a ‘thank you’ economy.
  5. Creativity wins.
  6. Email everyone who contacts you.
  7. Don’t filter the guy with a few followers. He may have millions next week.
  8. Best way to sell is not to try to sell.
  9. Best way to get the girl is  to not like the girl.
  10. Anything is better than zero.
  11. Know who you are; completely focus on your strengths.
  12. Hey wineries!  Do a geosearch on twitter – then contact every single person who comes up in that search.
  13. He gave a shout out to Eric Levine, Cellar Tracker.
  14. Look forward to his next book:  ‘Tunnel’.

If you missed him today, he’ll be at Cost Plus tonight at 8pm!

Buy it!  Read it!  Crush it!


4 responses to “What Would Gary V. Do?

  1. Teri – Love your post. And sorry I didn’t see you there! (And so sorry I spelled your name wrong the first time! You can call me Margaux if you’d like!)

  2. Terry – Love your post. And sorry I didn’t see you there!

  3. Thanks for providing the high points Teri!!

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