Fondling the Fine Ones

A group of friends and The German and I  ventured east to Prosser anticipating an ample tasting adventure. While, Prosser and adventure do not intuitively go hand in hand, we unearthed some fine ones and wished we had more time to fondle them.  Here are a few favorites from Alexandria Nicole and Kestrel Vintners:

Alexandria Nicole

2008 Crawford Viognier This wine drinks swell as a loner. No need for food to muck things up.  It’s a clean swallow of ripe pineapple and peach, with a slight bubbly effervescence.08sheperds-250-240x300

2008 Shephards Mark Rhone varietals blend into a froth of chewy white peach and bright fruit, with a slight yogurty yeastiness and a lemon fresh finish (not like Pledge or anything).

2007 Merlot Appallingly luscious, this was a favorite.  It’s smooth and feathery –  tickles your nose with frozen boisenberry and cocoa powder.   A juicy, black forest cake evolution happens in your mouth.  A little heat on the tip, but overall nicely balanced.

2006 Cabernet Sauvignon This wine has the body for a thong bikini but its wound a little tight, if ya know what I mean.   Amped up on coffee with a touch of cream and sugar, its bright, strong tannins shine with cherry, tart vanilla and a  mouthwatering wild blueberry finish.

2006 Destiny Ridge Rasperry ribbons winds through vanilla oakiness and dark blueberry.  A little stemmy, but evened out in the wash.


2006 Viognier Slight pear and slighter sulphur, smooth mouthfeel with a few citrusy pop rocks here and there. Interesting.

2008 Viognier – Described as a playground.  For me?  A blend of steamed rice and tart lemon effervescence.

2007 Syrah This was The German’s pick-of-the-day. Dark and lusciously jammy, with midnight, blackberry and cherry.

Kestrel barrel tastings

Two-Ton Cabernet Sauvignon This wine knows how to smuggle Cuban cigars, if you catch my drift.

O-Vine Cabernet Sauvignon – Spearmint joins forest pine.  Keep in mind, these are still in barrel.



2 responses to “Fondling the Fine Ones

  1. Hey you, next time you are in Prosser we can go looking for adventure; at least we can find a lot more than two wineries wines to fondle.

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