Pairing Halloween With Vampire Vineyards

B6009099Halloween wine pairings are tricky.  With chocolate, reds swell with options. Vampire Merlot is an all-around good pick.  This wine is as happy with cheap chocolate as it is with a bloody burger. But if you’re looking at caramel or nougDraculaSyrahat filling i.e., Milky Way or 3 Musketeers, I’d consider a spicy Dracula Syrah.  Its peppery essence will marvelously entwine with those creamy layers of fluff creating its own zesty surprise.

Iconic Halloween candy corn is best paired with something richly round or swishery sweet.  Try a beastly Vampire Chardonnay or cloying  Vampire White Zinfandel.  The Chard’s buttery goodness cuts the blood sugar to a manageable mouthful, while the really ripe coca-Zinfandel will maximize the potential for rotting fangs.

Did someone say fangs?  The German has fangs.  But don’t tell anyone.

Happy Halloween!

Photos:  Vampire Vineyards


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