Pinot Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

P1000729You got a lady and you want her gone?  But you ain’t got the guts.  She keeps naggin at you night ‘n’ day, enough to drive you nutsMatthews Estate, 2005, Lachini Vineyards, Pinot Noir is THAT back door man.  At first, it pretends to be a Syrah (minus the peppery jolt).  It’s big and bold and funky and juicy. Willing to do the dirty deeds …done dirt cheap.  In a silent but deadly essence, it misses that Pinot gasiness, and shifts into a clever sheep in Cab’s clothing.  The nose explodes, rocks you under the table and sucks you absolutely dry.  You know it —  it’s over  — it owns you.  Round and robust and stealth – this wine IS exactly NOT what it appears.  Blackberry morphs into a complex strawberry and lets out a big, bold sigh: Ooo, neckties, Contracts, High voltage… This is going someplace I’ve never been before.  Yaaaaagh!


Nothing cheap about this baby…  Matthews Estate, 2005 Lachini Vineyards, Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, $60 (Sold Out)


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