A Virile Eruption – ’97 Robert Mondavi

Let me embroider my name on your back. No, I mean with your shirt off.  A magnum of Robert Mondavi Winery, 1997 Cabernet 8656Sauvignon throbs with ribbed sexiness, black current and rich licorice.  Pure brawn and smokiness shows imposing tannins and poised acid. It erupts in a polished blend of spice, plum and charcoal as it suspends its peppery, violet finish  – a trick, which only comes with age, and yet, it’s as virile as a young buck at a Playboy shoot.  A bigger bottle is better – more to taste….  Enjoy!  I certainly did.

Photo:  http://www.bedfordwines.com/vsku1189244.html


3 responses to “A Virile Eruption – ’97 Robert Mondavi

  1. Now, I’m all hot and tingly inside…what does this mean?

  2. A limp 750 is better then no 750 at all. I’ll join!

  3. Playboy? Playgirl?

    Teri: I’ve got a ’95 & ’97 RM “Reserve” in my cooler…I’ll be sure to let you know when I open them!!!!

    Alas, they’re only limp 750s!!!


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