We Found A Needle!

In fact we found a few…in the haystack, smartass, not on the sidewalk — it’s Napa for god’s sake!  In St. Clement Vineyard’s tasting room, we discovered a few luscious surprises.

  • 2005 Oroppas, Cabernet Sauvignon – The star of the show is easy to love!  Swirling ribbons of ripe boysenberry, raspberry and mountain fruit – soft and velvet tannins, yet structured in all the right places.
  • 2006 Oroppas – Similar, but different, this is a rich dark blend of dusty cocoa and dulce de leche, red plum and red currant.  Shiny and supple.
  • 2002 Howell Mountain, Cabernet Sauvignon – Styled old-world friendly, this wine pulls dried fruit, leather and hollow chocolate in with a grassy-pine finish.  It doesn’t brag, just shows you the facts.

Photo: Wineaccess.com

Napa III of III


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