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Napa Valley. Great Wine. Great Life

The license plate holder on his classic black Jaguar XJ8 sedan reads: Napa Valley. Great Wine. Great Life. Life to Ira was a joy each day and he passed on that joy to everyone lucky enough to feel his touch.

Ira Zuckerman

1943 – January 17, 2010

A man not old, but mellow, like good wine
Stephen Phillips (1845-1915)
Ulysses, III. ii


Wine and Whip Cream and Thoughts that Count

Hey Boys!  If you’re looking for a sure thing this Valentine’s Day, here are a few tips.  Cheers!

PS. I just started writing for this very cool online mag – Wine Country Minute out of San Fran.

Check it out!

Wine Signs this Month

If you love astrology as much as you love wine, take a look at my latest Cork’d post.

Thanks for Not Running Over Me

I’m not the violent type, but having an empty wine bottle on hand to chuck at the car blowing through the crosswalk with a near miss of my dog and I… well I’m just sayin’…Damn you driver in the lame black pick up truck!


When Bad Things Happen To Good Wine

Accidental Wine is the island of misfits for wine. Like an ambulance chaser, they count on accidents to happen.    The concept is when a bottle breaks and soils its neighbors, someone thinks an ugly label is a good idea or the label reads Pinor Noir — as long as the wine is fine, Accidental Wine will swoop in grab the lot and discount it 20-40% to consumers.  Just because something’s not pretty on the outside, doesn’t mean it’s not pure on the inside.  Sound like anyone you know?  Shit happens and consumers are cheap, so why not make a business of it?

Image credit: Accidental Wine

Embrace Your Inner-Grape

Do you channel your inner-Syrah?  Merlot?  Cab Sauv?  What you drink reveals a lot about YOU.  Scary!  You can read all about it in my article featured on Cork’d, a playground for winelovers.  And who doesn’t love a playground almost as much as a liquid nudist camp?  I said WHO!

By the way, the fifth of January is always an auspicious day because it’s the eve of my month-long birthday extravaganza, which if you haven’t figured out, starts tomorrow.  Thank you for the gifts I know you’ll be sending me.

Cheers and  Happy New Year!