Embrace Your Inner-Grape

Do you channel your inner-Syrah?  Merlot?  Cab Sauv?  What you drink reveals a lot about YOU.  Scary!  You can read all about it in my article featured on Cork’d, a playground for winelovers.  And who doesn’t love a playground almost as much as a liquid nudist camp?  I said WHO!

By the way, the fifth of January is always an auspicious day because it’s the eve of my month-long birthday extravaganza, which if you haven’t figured out, starts tomorrow.  Thank you for the gifts I know you’ll be sending me.

Cheers and  Happy New Year!


2 responses to “Embrace Your Inner-Grape

  1. Thanks Jen!!! Let’s grab a glass whenever you can.
    PS I am in your head!!!

  2. HAPPY HAPPY Birthday to the coolest wine-woman I know! I hope to see you soon!
    PS I pretty much only drink Syrah and that was like you were in my head…WEIRD!

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