March 2010 Wine Signs

Happy Birthday Pices!  It’s a South African Pinotage for you this month!  Tempranillo for Virgos and a meaty Malbec for Sagittarius.

Got to Cork’d for more on the wines you should be drinking according to the stars.



3 responses to “March 2010 Wine Signs

  1. Wine signs, interesting! Calm down E , it’s not like the person will hunt you down if you dont drink the right wine for your sign!

  2. Why is a so called star, or you, telling me what I “should” be drinking?? How about I think for myself? This is the pretense and idiocy that gives a great thing, wine, a bad name; a bunch of insecure people that cling to the wine industry in hopes that they can be viewed as successful, wealthy, or one of the “beautiful people”. It’s like perusing people magazine.
    You know, wine and money do not turn “crackers” into french bread.
    If you don’t understand this, it means simply that if you don’t have class, you don’t, and drinking wine will not cover that fact.

  3. What do “stars” know about wine, and, for that matter what is your background that makes you so appropriate to educate others on what is good, bad, or…?

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