Cheap Dates to What the Heck!

In the event you’re starting your summer wine club like I am — here’s a short guide from serious juice to hussy wines!
It doesn’t take a fall down a rabbit hole to land you in a wonderland of wine. Walk into any wine retailer, and the sensation is often similar. While question marks abound, one simple block and tackle strategy is to start a wine club.

Ok, you’re right – nothing simple about that. Everyone approaches wine clubs differently – from blind tastings to elaborate rating systems; to starting out with a formal structure and ending informally exhilarated. I mean we are talking about trying multiple wines. The best advice I have is to find or define a framework that works for your group. Here are a few ideas…

Where on the Globe — Choose a different country, region, or AVA; or stick with one country and explore the many regions within:

  • German Rieslings, Mosel
  • French Burgundies, then Bordeaux next month…

Cheap Dates — Choose a fixed price point and change the varietal or blend:

  • Sexy Syrahs under $15
  • Naughty Nebbiolos under $15

World Cup — One varietal, two countries. Score!

  • Pinot Noir: Oregon vs Australia
  • Riesling: Washington vs Germany
  • Malbec: France vs Argentina

What the Heck! — Theme drinking at its best! Choose a topic and find wines that match:

Critter Wines

  • Charles Smith “Holy Cow” Washington
  • Fairview-owned “Goats do Roam” South Africa
  • Le Grand Noir “Black Sheep” France

Hussy Wines

  • Sine Qua Non Roussanne “The Hussy” California
  • “BrayZin Hussy” Bray Vineyards, California
  • “Shameless Hussy” Hard Row to Hoe Vineyards, Chelan, Washington

Quick Tips

  • Start with 5-7 people (you can always grow)
  • Set up a calendar and agree to meet weekly, monthly, quarterly
  • Decide on the group’s focus
  • Choose a price point (or not)
  • Invest in glassware to accommodate everyone and the wines you’re tasting

Re-Printed from Wine Country Minute .


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