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July Wine Signs – What the Stars Say You Should Drink

Live, love, laugh and drink – this month is full of ironing out expectations and ditching old habits that stopped working a decade ago.  Get new, get cool.  Dive into the deep end, confident your swimsuit’s going to stay in place…or better yet, confident enough not to wear one.  Show it all in a glass of somethin’ somethin’.  Here we go!

No Rest for the Weary
This month is rich with potential for personal progress, though overall success won’t come easily as some of your goals slip out of reach. Motivation is high and hope is in the air, but it’s mixed with tension as your need for freedom battles with your responsibilities to others.
Rich with potential sounds like a Malbec – could be domestic, could be Argentinean – the darker the better!  Just depends on your mood and how much tension you can tolerate.  Like Malbec, you may have been a traditional blender – playing nice in other’s barrels.  But you’re gaining popularity as a fiercely single varietal seeking your own freedom. Give you any chance, you’ll take it — give you any rule, you’ll break it.  Just make your dreams come true.  Who says nothing in life worth having comes easy?  What a crock.
Breaking the Silence
Delicacy reigns early this month as sensitivity and caution are in the spotlight. There is a strong potential to deepen your understanding of others this month, as long as you open your eyes to the unspoken signals of those around you. The long-lasting struggle between controlling your own life and responding to the life’s little surprises can be alleviated now.
Oh Taurus. Close your eyes and run and hide.  That’s my advice, but who the hell am I.  You, my friend, are looking down the barrel of a full, juicy, finicky Pinot Noir, which means – tread lightly as there will be more than one opportunity to piss someone off.  Deepen your understanding?  Absolutely, in only the way a good conflict can.  Life’s little surprises can be…well small, really.  Make up sex?  Wake up!
The Plot Thickens
The month gets off to a slow start, leaving you time to adjust to recent changes and disappointments. Still, much of July may be spent dealing with one distraction after another. Yet between the distractions, you are being called to reexamine your core values and immediate needs, and take decisive action while you can.
Jeez Gemini, hope you love a good, juicy drama as much as you love a bright black Zinfandel.  This one has legs that wrap themselves around a substantive viscosity and you, my friend, should do the same.  Deep and concentrated with plum fruitiness, intense tannins and acidity that gives side-tongue action that one only reads about in novels.  Those novels, to be exact.  You are quite drinkable, so as the stars are saying – plunge into that decisive action while you can!
Starting Over
The pace of change doesn’t slow this month, as you are driven toward deep self-examination and aim to tackle unfinished emotional business. You may feel a need to separate yourself from others now, which can actually create enough distance and clarity that you can start to view your relationships more objectively.
Deep, self anything can be exhilarating with a dark, spicy Syrah.  Examination aside, I find the darker the fruit and the smokier the wine, the better to help take the edge off whatever it is you discover. This wine is a great pair to finding your own spider hole and disappearing for awhile.  Fortunately, bottles don’t take up much room and may even cellar well down there.  Don’t forget to come out next month or we’ll have to smoke you out.
Shine On
Your appearance and demeanor are sparkling this month, as is your relationship with money, your possessions and even your self-esteem. Nonetheless, it can’t always be about you, and you are being called to improve the efficiency of your interactions with others on both a business and a personal level now.
It is a ‘shine on you crazy diamond’ month, which falls nothing short of a lovely, bubbly. Oh Leo, my very narcissistic friend… you do have that irreverent sparkle – like a light and airy Champagne, authentic in balance and attitude with a biscuit-like finish.  Like the stars say – it can’t always be about you, but Lord knows you’ll pull hard on the Tug of War rope any chance you get. Perfect and gentle and tart. We should all be so lucky to raise a glass to you and your good fortune.
Heart Rules Head
Thinking gives way to feeling for much of this month. Focusing on personal matters first will allow you to have a good time later without being plagued by tiny details. July is a time to cut out what you no longer need and focus on how you can better work and play with others.
Sounds like the sandbox is a bit crowded and you, dear Virgo, need a time out.  Remove yourself promptly and pour a heady glass of ripe Merlot bright with red current and plagued with the small stuff. Twenty-six pounds of whatever is what no longer serves you, so cut the crap and take a cue from this unswerving wine, its nose a powder puff of cocoa, its body – lanky and divine.  Pungency is what dreams are made of.
Rhythm Entrainment
Part of you would rather avoid confrontation and conflict this month, yet there is still a push to speak your mind. Burying your feelings can leave you emotionally distraught, while revealing unexpressed vulnerability can lead to closer connections now.
I’m all for a good ass kicking, but mind-reading becomes annoying so clue us in and pour something lush.  Cabernet Franc this month – helps you speak up, take names and take numbers – who knows how lucky you’ll get.  Black cherry wrapped in tobacco sweet spice.  Now that’s a conflict worth confronting.  Good acidity unfolds into a lingering finish and while emotional madness is venomous, I’m told vulnerability can be quite sexy.
Tough Choices
A long process of change is finally culminating now, so you can expect radical shifts in your daily routine, your job and even your spiritual practice. You are more able to let go of outmoded beliefs and unrealistic expectations about your future, and should feel more certain about the current direction of your life.
Yummy!  A little confidence cocktail seems to be brewing, Scorpio.  And it’s tasting bright and green with baked apple and ripe melon.  Saugvignon Blanc me up while your culmination explodes.  You seem to strike a good balance between acid, sugar, beliefs and reality.  In the end, isn’t that what life’s all about?  Bell pepper balance and unrealistic expectaions?  Get a firm grip on those tough choices and show us how it’s done.
Rocky Road
You now realize the unproductive patterns that have been blocking your potential, but there’s still hard work to do, and change won’t come easily. Tensions mount between your personal independence and the demands of career-related responsibilities. Your whole life may feel at a tipping point, but all-or-nothing ultimatums won’t prove as successful as sincere compromise now.
I’ve never met an ultimatum that held my attention, so Sag, if you’re making threats, go big and blended – GSM style! A rich and dense Grenache, Syrah, Mouvedre with juicy blueberry a hint of barnyard and sweaty socks.  My friend, you know how to pick ‘em. Throw in some silky tannins and elegant structure and now you’ve captured our attention. While you seem to be tipping toward compromise – which is wise, I hear — our panties are in a wad over this stunning juice! Unlock your potential and raise a glass and pave that rocky road with lusciousness.
Turning Point

July brings a more solid foundation to your professional life by defining what’s working, what isn’t and what you can do about it. There’s also a significant shift in relationships now, but while you may be confronted with issues you’d rather not face, riding these waves of emotion instead of repressing them suits you better now. This is an opportunity to take effective action.
Seems there’s an elephant in the room and it’s time to call it out.  Life changes abound and the backbone and stability of a Petite Sirah will do you right. This whole cluster exercise of what is and what isn’t – how many times must we go through this?  I know, I know.  Lending you complexity, while toning down intensity – you can ride those emotional waves like a skateboarder on gravel.  Good luck with it all.
Paradise Lost

You’re tempted to take risks, yet reckless behavior won’t accomplish as much as you hope this month. You are aware now of what’s been holding you back, and now it’s time to start gathering information to work toward positive transformations.
Tempranillo tempted? Sounds like it.  Risks might not accomplish much, but they can make you tingle in all the right places. Sounds like you’ve got some work ahead, so tingle away my friend.  The thing with Temranillo is its dark lushness, which is the key to plunging forward despite your best efforts to sabotage yourself.  Low acid and tannins make you all that much more enjoyable. Be reckless and hope for the best. Cheers!
Romantic Renaissance
Relationships roll into the foreground this month, and you feel more of a desire to express your feelings. July is a time to shed beliefs and goals that no longer apply, making you stronger and more able to climb higher later on.
Ooooh!  A little romance calls for a crisp Riesling, Pisces.  Something peachy, maybe apricot and a minerality that rolls you over and over. This is very exciting.  Throw in something with a lot higher alcohol and you’ll be bound and determined to express more than just your feelings.  Nothing better than starting something anew, so throw past expectations to the wind and douse the spice and fire with a little extra Riesling poured in all the places that count.
July Wine Signs on Cork’d

Red, Sexy and Sparkling

Leave it to the Aussies to illuminate our Independence Day by putting the red in our red, white and blue. The Chook sparkling Shiraz is one of my favorite party favors to pull from the cellar.

Blood-red exuberance ignites in a thunderous fit of juicy baby bubbles and a spicy, cran-raspberry nose. Writhing flavors of red currant and blackberry bounce in your mouth and penetrate your senses. Adult-supervision is not necessarily required, but it may be something to consider with this vixen of a wine.

While perfect for an afternoon picnic and lovely at dusk, this wine shines bright pretty much any time of day. Mimosa move over, served at its coldest, The Chook throws sexy curves of brightness and power with a rocketing, crimson-velvet mouthfeel. Medium-lightly vivacious, I’d serve it alongside Quiche Lorraine, cold seafood or something of the poultry sort – chicken, duck or turkey.

Whether you’re celebrating the independence of our country, or a personal independence of your own, this high-spirited sparkler will linger long after the last Roman candle burns.

Republished from Wine Country Minute.  Check out the Sparkling Wine Guide to the 4th of July.